Large Tick in Dominican Amber


I do not see ticks very often.  That being said, to find the perfect tick is something that I consider to be almost impossible.  Here it is though!  It is a beautiful (and clear) piece of Dominican amber, found near the La Toca mines in 2024.  It is about 1.25 inches long and .3 inches deep.  Not only is this the perfect tick, when you look at the specimen, there appears to be blood emanating from the body for about 1/16 on a inch.  The finest piece I have ever seen.  The details of the body are spectacular.  You can see the mouth, the legs and body curves so well, this will take your breath away.

I do wish I could ID ticks - but I consider myself lucky to be able to distinguish them from mites.  If you know, let me know also (


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