Conch Shell With Amber

Here is a conch shell with amber.  Each time I think it can never happen, it does.  While I am not a shell expert, I think this is a horse-conch shell with a large 'glob' of amber near where the opening to the shell is located.  I have included a picture (to the left) of a modern horse-conch shell.

How the resin got there and became amber, I just do not know.  I do know that this is a very unlikely piece to be found.  The amber itself is about 1.25 inches x 3/4 of an inch in width.  The conch shell is a bit over 4 inches long and about 2.5 inches at it's widest point.

Since this is mostly rock, it has a significant 'heft' to it.

This is a significant find.  It is very rare to find amber in an aquatic environment - in particular, a salt water environment.  I do know also that the miner who found this knew he had something special and it took an arm and a leg (or in this case, money) to get this from him.   This specimen is from the Chiapas region in Mexico. Whether you are a general collector,  a museum or a specialist, this will peak your imagination and story telling ability.  Enjoy the pictures and the rarity of this magnificent piece.  I guarantee that you will never see this again.

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Amber in Conch Shell


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