Colombian Copal Cabs

Ever wanted some cabs to polish. We've got them. There are 17 already shaped cabs. The cabs are still what I consider rough though. They do need more polishing. They will be beautiful when done! Think of the the jewelry that you can make these into. There are some miscellaneous inclusions, no large insects though. The color is a very light yellow - all the colors are basically the same. The largest is a bit over an inch and the smallest is more than .5 inches. Some are tall (3/4") and some are short (1/4").

The price is going to be exciting. We managed to get these at a great price, and we will share that with you. What you see is what you get.
You can have them ALL for $82.95.
That is a great price. It boils down to $4.88 per cab. Please remember that each will require just a little more polishing. Enjoy the pictures and enjoy the cabs!


How old is Colombian Copal? The age of Colombian (South America) copal still remains an open question. In fact in some papers you can find uncertain "Tertiary" age (see for example the table in Langenheim's review, American Scientist, 78:16-24, 1990), or in other papers also Pliocene-Pleistocene; accurate determinations made by means of 14C revealed that Colombian copal from the region of Santander is in the order of just 200 years old (Clifford et al., Org. Geochemistry, 27:449-464, 1997), practically recent resin. There are others who feel that certain Colombian copals are in the terms of many millions of years.

Most of the Colombian copal that is offered for sale is from the Andes Mountains in South Amberica. It could be up to 16 million years old. Since I have not had it tested for time, I cannot conclusively say the age. If there is something in particular that you are looking for but cannot find it on this page, let us know, we probably have it!


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