Lizard Chiapas Amber

This is a nearly complete lizard in Chiapas amber.  Found this year (2018) near Simojovel, in chiapas Mexico, this is an impressive piece.  A little over an inch in length, you can see the outline of the body, some vertebrae, arm bones, and even some of the head bone structure.  The entire piece of amber is about 2 x .5 x .25 inches.   I have included numerous pictures below so you can get an idea of what the piece looks like and what the lizard inside looks like.

The price on this is rather impressive, since I was able to purchase it at a good cost, the final price reflects the excitement of the find.  The price is real - not $50,000 but a real $8,700.  I stand 100% behind everything we sell at Amberica West.  You are going to love this.  With this purchase, you will possibly own the 2nd or 3rd lizard ever found in Chiapas amber.

By the way, you can click on each picture below to enlarge it.  Also, here is a top scanned imageand a bottom scanned image next to a ruler.

Very Rare Lizard in Amber


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